ngrock – public URLs for exposing your local web server

Debugging an API that you are developing can be time consuming, needing to track and adjust some request data/JSON and after that send the request to your localhost service which you are debugging. Things can get even worse when you are working in a team and you need to replicate an issue that was reported by the App developers (web, mobile, raspberry pi  etc), where you need to debug multiple API calls to get to a certain state/scenario.


ngrok is a tool that I’ve recently discovered and I can say that has saved me a lot of time and manual execution of requests to my API. Read More »


Visiting the most important high tech company you’ve probably never heard of

In one of the spring Codility challenges, Cutting Complexity Challenge, there was a price included for the best solutions and the price was a visit to ASML headquarters in the Netherlands. After I completed the challenge I wrote a post about that and you can read more here. I didn’t share the good news and that is that I was among the selected ones for this visit.


I’ll try to write few words about the company, the visit and share some pictures so you can get a clear overview about what was going on those days in September 2018 and maybe inspire you to research a little bit more about this company or the different Codility coding challenges. Read More »

2018 Codility Challenges Summary

This year I found myself to be very much interested into algorithm challenges and the format of Codility seemed most suitable for me. I did total of nine challenges this year and got nine Golden Awards.


Here are all of them listed and you can check all the solutions, certificates and blog articles. Feel free to ask me questions if you need additional explanation about some of the solutions.Read More »

Golden award for dividing The Kingdom

In the last few months I didn’t have much spare time for writing posts on this blog or maybe I was just being lazy. But that doesn’t mean that nothing interesting was happening during this period. So the next few post will be some “retro” stuff from the previous months and I think deserve to be published here. This post will be about the “Digital Gold” Codility challenge.


I got a “Golden Award” for this solution so here are the details about the challenge task:

An old king wants to divide his kingdom between his two sons. He is well known for his justness and wisdom, and he plans to make a good use of both of these attributes while dividing his kingdom.Read More »

Those who can’t farm – make farmland fields algorithms

Farming is something that I want to do in the future, farming with using technology and robots and… but I’ll write about that in some other occasion. One of the latest Codility challenges¬† was farmland sprinklers arrangement problem and finding an optimal way to do that. Besides that I got algorithm mind challenge this time I got inspiration and made me daydream about the possibilities in farming with using technology.


So here is what you need to do in order to help Joe the Farmer.
Joe the Farmer owns a square plot of farmland whose sides are of length N. The land is split into N rows and N columns of equal size, so that there are N2¬†identical square fields within the farmland. Read More »

How to automatically add base class to table mapped classes and data context in LINQ to SQL

I always tend to use LINQ to SQL (L2S) in smaller projects rather than Entity Framework (EF), it’s more lightweight and provides faster development for projects of this scope. Of course, for more robust system I would go with EF because of the better control and the relations between the context objects. If you like to go more into details on this read this topic: L2S vs Ef.


Inheritance is much easier to implement in EF but it can also be done in L2S although in a not very clean way, at least not that I know of. Here I’ll show you how can you add a base class to the L2S entities that can be used for auditing, creating domain events or whatever behavior that you want to achieve across all entities.Read More »