HTML paid with Honey

Well this is not an article about HTML, but for the latest project I did that was made by using HTML 5 and CSS 3 (with Bootstrap). I don’t usually do side projects often but this one was for our family bee farm – EKO MED ( and I wanted to make something cool, simple and readable on mobile and tablet devices. Did I completely manage to do that – I don’t know,
But I got really sweet payment – free amounts of honey every year 🙂


So lets go visual through some of the pages with short descriptions about them…

The Front Page

The same as the other pages I was going with minimalist approach, links to the other pages, some cool text font and honey images….
I have “copied” the design from another template but re-type the HTML from scratch, because I liked it how it looked but not how it was written in the background.


The Products Page

Here I put all the honey products that we offer, this page will be extended with new ones soon.


The Recipes Page

Here we have few tasty honey recipes…


The About Us page

Here we have some info about the bee farm, some interesting info about our bees, the nature etc.


There are few other pages and useful info, but if you want check it out jump to our site EKO MED and exlpore for yourself.

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