Visiting the most important high tech company you’ve probably never heard of

In one of the spring Codility challenges, Cutting Complexity Challenge, there was a price included for the best solutions and the price was a visit to ASML headquarters in the Netherlands. After I completed the challenge I wrote a post about that and you can read more here. I didn’t share the good news and that is that I was among the selected ones for this visit.


I’ll try to write few words about the company, the visit and share some pictures so you can get a clear overview about what was going on those days in September 2018 and maybe inspire you to research a little bit more about this company or the different Codility coding challenges.

About ASML

It’s very hard to describe in simple words the scientific level that this company has and how they manage to push the boundaries of physics, mechanics, software… and make possible something that was consider impossible before. I was truly mind blown and I would suggest to google it for more or even better visit if you had an opportunity.

If you look around you and notice all these electronic high tech gadgets I’ll tell you that there is high probability that there are components inside that were build with ASML machines. The processors/chips of iPhone, Samsung, Intel… they are all build with these machines so basically the heart (processor) of each of these devices is made because of the hard work that these guys are doing here. Any other technical information about ASML you can find online if you are interested in more details.

The Visit

The trip to Eindhoven  (where the company headquarters are) was a really great one, I had the chance to meet many great people from the company as well as other Codility golden award winners. The organization of the trip from my home and the stay there was professional and there were plenty of educational, fun and beer drinking activities.

Some of them were cool demonstrations of how a processor is made, the physics behind it,  the visit of the ASML clean room where we could actually see all the machines that are used for making processors, the different components inside them, lenses etc.

And here are some photos…





Photo Credit: Eirini Syka-Lerioti

Until next time…


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