About Me

I didn’t always knew what I would like to do in my life, it was important to find something meaningful to me, something challenging and simply love doing. Well I love what I do, I love the people that work in this software development business… yeah it sounds lame but that’s the truth.


It’s been a long road in the past 15 years, much experimenting with different languages from C++/Java to C#/.NET stack where I seem to found my place. I try to learn and practice new technologies outside my working hours whenever I have spare time, lately, Codility algorithm challenges are also on my menu. Somewhere in some dark corner in some drawer, my Raspberry Pi still waits for its first project, I bought it few years ago but in the meanwhile I got married, have a wife and  two baby daughters, and playing with sensors and other electronics seems impossible. Hopefully, I will have few Raspberry Pi projects on my GitHub repository soon.

This blog was opened for the purpose to be some kind of a diary where I can put some bits and pieces from the everyday programming life and a placeholder for some of the stuff that I make. I’ll try to put updates whenever I can.

There are few other activities that I enjoy doing…


I’m very passionate about running, trying to train hard and improve my times on races from 5K to Half Marathon



Mountains are a real anti-stress therapy and spending some time there is never a bad idea



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