Golden Award for Technetium 2019 Challenge

This was an interesting challenge for me, first of all because C# was not offered as an option for solving the problem and the problem itself was a nice brain puzzle. I managed to solve this with Java and GoLang


This is the problem description:
You are given a matrix A consisting of N rows and M columns, where each cell contains a digit. Your task is to find a continuous sequence of neighbouring cells, starting in the top-left corner and ending in the bottom-right corner (going only down and right), that creates the biggest possible integer by concatenation of digits on the path. By neighbouring cells we mean cells that have exactly one common side.Read More »

Golden Award for Molybdenum 2019 Challenge

It’s been a while since I took my last challenge on Codility and this was the first one I did in 2019. I felt a little bit rusty but it was a great weekend algorithm challenge. I managed to do 100% points on correctness and performance which is awarded with a Golden Award.


The challenge was marked as hard but personally I didn’t felt like it was on the level of the hardest challenges on Codility.Read More »

Joining SQL tables with different collation

This will be a very short read but I think someone can find this post useful in the future (probably that will be me) because there are a lot of misguiding answers out there. I’ll show one practical example on where you can hit this TSQL problem and an easy solution on how to resolve it.

* absolutely no clue what image to attach to this post so we might go with this one until better idea comes up *

The problem

We need to retrieve only the from T1 table in the DB1 database and join them with the T2 tableĀ  in the DB2 database by the T1.Name and T2.Name with the condition that T1.Name needs to starts with T2 name we need to run this query. Read More »

4 ways to organize your NLog files

Organizing your log file(s) can be very important, depending on the software requirements different structures can be the right fit for you. Here I’ll present four different ways for structuring NLog log files so you can get the idea how to configure yours and tailor them by your needs.


Using one file

All you need to think of here is the name of your log file. In the example bellow I’ve named the file MyApp.log and it will be located in the logs folder. Read More »

ngrock – public URLs for exposing your local web server

Debugging an API that you are developing can be time consuming, needing to track and adjust some request data/JSON and after that send the request to your localhost service which you are debugging. Things can get even worse when you are working in a team and you need to replicate an issue that was reported by the App developers (web, mobile, raspberry piĀ  etc), where you need to debug multiple API calls to get to a certain state/scenario.


ngrok is a tool that I’ve recently discovered and I can say that has saved me a lot of time and manual execution of requests to my API. Read More »

Visiting the most important high tech company you’ve probably never heard of

In one of the spring Codility challenges, Cutting Complexity Challenge, there was a price included for the best solutions and the price was a visit to ASML headquarters in the Netherlands. After I completed the challenge I wrote a post about that and you can read more here. I didn’t share the good news and that is that I was among the selected ones for this visit.


I’ll try to write few words about the company, the visit and share some pictures so you can get a clear overview about what was going on those days in September 2018 and maybe inspire you to research a little bit more about this company or the different Codility coding challenges. Read More »

2018 Codility Challenges Summary

This year I found myself to be very much interested into algorithm challenges and the format of Codility seemed most suitable for me. I did total of nine challenges this year and got nine Golden Awards.


Here are all of them listed and you can check all the solutions, certificates and blog articles. Feel free to ask me questions if you need additional explanation about some of the solutions.Read More »