How to handle Facebook social share for your AngularJS application with IIS and URL Rewrite

If you are starting with AngularJS development than this is a bump that you’ll sure run into and you’ll discover that when your website is complete and ready to go. You’ll notice that Facebook share crawler doesn’t handle the dynamically loaded content and no matter what link you’ll share Facebook will see only the initial content and nothing that is loaded after that and will recognize only the default meta tags.


How does Facebook crawler work

Content is most often shared to Facebook in the form of a web page. The first time someone shares a link, the Facebook crawler will scrape the HTML at that URL to gather, cache and display info about the content on Facebook like a title, description, and thumbnail image. Read More »

Testing the power of ASP.NET Web API + AngularJS

Well, this demo project includes a lot more than ASP.NET Web API and AngularJS, but, the main purpose of the project is to test how well this two function together. Because this is the first time that I use AngularJS from scratch to build a project I have picked few PROS and CONS. The demo is automotive data library which includes detailed specification for more than 25.000 car models and has more than 150.000 gallery images for different car brands/models.


About website website contains automotive data that is collected from the open data from few source points. Read More »