Testing the power of ASP.NET Web API + AngularJS

Well, this demo project includes a lot more than ASP.NET Web API and AngularJS, but, the main purpose of the project is to test how well this two function together. Because this is the first time that I use AngularJS from scratch to build a project I have picked few PROS and CONS. The demo is automotive data library which includes detailed specification for more than 25.000 car models and has more than 150.000 gallery images for different car brands/models.


About SmartCarPick.com website

SmartCarPick.com website contains automotive data that is collected from the open data from few source points. Read More »

How to clean your unused/orphaned resource items in few easy steps

As one project grows with time and requirements are changing it’s natural to have unused/orphaned items in our .RESX file which can bring unwanted overhead and it can be useful to remove these items. That’s why I’ve created this simple to use tool which you can download it and use it as it is or you can get the code from GitHub and add modifications according to your needs.


These are just some of the problems that I can think of if we leave orphaned/unused items in our resource file:Read More »

Why you should use a wrapper around resource language file and how to clean up the mess if you didn’t

I had recent experience developing a Xamarin application and we needed to make the application to be multi language, we decided to use AppResources and put all the localization strings in .resx file.  And everything was perfect during the development before we got the final language strings.


There were many fields that needed to be filled dynamically according to the logged in user and his personal preferences.Read More »