Do you really want to use :nth-child selector?

This is not the first time I see someone run into this problem so I decided to write few words on this topic. So far I haven’t run into situation or a real need that I have to use :nth-child selector (although it seems to be more popular) instead of :nth-of-type, how often do you think “I want to select the second child of a parent if it just happens to be a paragraph.”. Of course, in the current version of your html you might can make your code to work, your java script or your css, but that can be untriggered bomb for anyone that will inherit your code and which is even worse that anyone can be you in the future.


It’s best to explain this with a practical example. Let’s say that we have a scoreboard with results from an athletic track race. Read More »

HTML paid with Honey

Well this is not an article about HTML, but for the latest project I did that was made by using HTML 5 and CSS 3 (with Bootstrap). I don’t usually do side projects often but this one was for our family bee farm – EKO MED ( and I wanted to make something cool, simple and readable on mobile and tablet devices. Did I completely manage to do that – I don’t know,
But I got really sweet payment – free amounts of honey every year 🙂


So lets go visual through some of the pages with short descriptions about them…

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