How to build chat Server and Client with SignalR and ASP.NET Web API (Part 2)

So here we go we the second part about using SignalR where I’m going to show you a practical example on how to build a SignalR based chat system, how to build the client and how to build the server. In case you missed the first part about SignalR and want to discover more on what is happening on a lower level please check my previous article SignalR: What is happening under the hood (Part 1).


The code is available on GitHub and the solution currently contains two projects, one for the client implementation and one for the server implementation. Later, I plan to add another project here for the self-hosted server and we’ll use the same client but this time using this server.Read More »

5 Useful JavaScript hacks&tricks

Today I want to share with you some JavaScript examples that you might find useful in your everyday work. All of the examples have live working demos so you can easy try and edit according to your needs. So, here is my Top 5 for today…


1. Limit which characters you can enter in your text field

Sometimes there is a need to limit the allowed characters that can be entered by users in the input fields. This could be also achieved with using keydown and keycode, but in this example we are using on.(“input”).Read More »