HTML paid with Honey

Well this is not an article about HTML, but for the latest project I did that was made by using HTML 5 and CSS 3 (with Bootstrap). I don’t usually do side projects often but this one was for our family bee farm – EKO MED ( and I wanted to make something cool, simple and readable on mobile and tablet devices. Did I completely manage to do that – I don’t know,
But I got really sweet payment – free amounts of honey every year 🙂


So lets go visual through some of the pages with short descriptions about them…

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Make your web sites available for offline use with AppCache API

Sometimes it can be useful to make your web site available for offline use, although it’s better to make sure that your web site is always online this could be very handy in some scenarios. In this article I’ll shortly describe how to use one of HTML5 APIs – Application Cache API (AppCache API) so you can make a web application to be available to the users when disconnected.

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The AppCache API is made by two components:

  1. Manifest file
  2. JavaScript API to support it

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